Deuel County, South Dakota Zip Codes and Map

Below you will see a full list of 10 zip codes within Deuel County of South Dakota state. As a buyer of vintage style items from, you can check the following table to find exact postal code in your city or town.  If you are from Deuel County SD, this information can help you fill out your shipping address and phone number without error during checkout.

List of Zip Codes in Deuel County, South Dakota

# State Postal Code City/Town County Area Code
1 South Dakota (SD) 57213 Astoria Deuel County 605
2 South Dakota (SD) 57218 Brandt Deuel County 605
3 South Dakota (SD) 57226 Altamont Deuel County 605
4 South Dakota (SD) 57226 Clear Lake Deuel County 605
5 South Dakota (SD) 57226 Tunnerville Deuel County 605
6 South Dakota (SD) 57237 Gary Deuel County 605
7 South Dakota (SD) 57238 Bemis Deuel County 605
8 South Dakota (SD) 57238 Goodwin Deuel County 605
9 South Dakota (SD) 57268 Johnsonville Deuel County 605
10 South Dakota (SD) 57268 Toronto Deuel County 605

Zip Code 57213

Zip Code 57218

Zip Code 57226

Zip Code 57237

Zip Code 57238

Zip Code 57268

Map of Deuel County, South Dakota

Map of Deuel County, South Dakota

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