Intellectual Property Rights Protection

Internetages emphasizes the protection of third party's intellectual property, and obeys any law and other normative rules about intellectual property. If you believe an intellectual property right has been violated on Internetages, please submit a statement of alleged IP infringement to us via email including the following information:

  • Full name of the intellectual property right owner
  • Your own full name & name of the company you represent
  • Your full contact address
  • Your email address & telephone number (includes international area code)
  • Full description of the alleged intellectual property rights infringement
  • Explanation of the alleged infringement & its URL address on the
  • Full declaration that you believe an IPR has been violated
  • A statement that the information in your Notice is true and correct

Email address: [email protected]

We will review the documents you submit and respond to your complaint within 3 business days after receiving request.