Vintage Tricks to Give Life to Your Mini Urban Terrace

Vintage Tricks to Give Life to Your Mini Urban Terrace

Who said that with the arrival of autumn, we have to stop Coddling our terrace? It is more, why not use the change of season to give new life and new identity?

Vintage Tricks to Give Life to Your Mini Urban Terrace

Yes, we love the terraces in Decoration Vintageand it is that-despite the large forgotten for many-they can create unique spaces filled with charm and small retreats that disconnect.

Although decorative level there nothing better than a terrace of large dimensions (those that van United to a beautiful garden or a pond with source included) to show how much that can give of themselves this location of our home, the truth is-with a couple of details, with love and with a bit of wit-we can do real magic in our mini urban terraces with a view to the new station. How to convert your terrace in your Temple vintage? Today we tell you how to get it with some simple decoration tips.

Wood versus iron
Forget you impose on your terrace “total look” decorative with an excess of furniture of wood, Wicker or iron (unless you want a terrace with little life). To give you that retro touch to your terrace the winning option is mixing elements and materials. How? Simple: it combines the wooden table that you just buy with some different color iron chairs and a wooden stool.

In search of a touch of light
Given that in autumn the days are shorter, it is essential to put a spot light on our mini urban terrace. If you want your new decoration to be the envy of all take note of this trick: put a farolito vintage on the main table and saw one of the corners of your terrace with a letter-shaped lamps.

Bet on small details
Our terrace practically ready and more vintage that ever touches give the retro personal touch with accessories that we like, that attract us attention and they can deliver our space a true character and it is in the decoration-as in life-the difference is in the small details.

Although you can bet on things that you like, from decoration Vintage we recommend two decorative tips that never fail: a shower of metal (either conventional or color) and a wooden box vintage in which to store cushions or that quilt you use to exit to the terrace in the cooler months of autumn.

Green love you green
Although you should not convert your mini terrace in a nursery (for this reason that we are talking about an urban terrace) Yes we recommend that you choose a couple of areas of it to give it a ‘Green‘ with an outdoor plant or with a pair of cactus (an idea of beautiful and easy to maintain).

If you have ideas for your urban terrace but you need an extra of decorative inspiration to put them into practice do not hesitate to browse our decor website to know in detail what will be the next trends in furniture for the upcoming season.