Vintage House Remodeled with Lots of Personality

One of the things that I like most vintage decoration is the ability that has this decorative style for interiors of houses filled with personality and style.Vintage House Remodeled with Lots of Personality

The House that I bring to you today is a House with 20-year-old that its owners decided to remodel budget. This cottage, in Amersfoort, Netherlands, is the demonstration that no large sums of money are needed to give a new look to our home, even though this seems to have been old and outdated.

One of the colors is white, combined with the Green, protagonists of this vintage interior. The living room, comprising lounge, dining room and open kitchen, is small. The three environments coexist together in distinct areas, thanks to the use of the sofas as the space separators.

In the House, we see use of recurrent small wallpaper, creating collages that attempt to explain stories on their own.Something similar happens in the walls of the bedrooms, where blades and pictures cover one wall of the room completely. This resource is very typical in industrial and pop style bars.

One of the things that I like most of this House decorated inside, is the choice of furniture and accessories that complete the decoration, all of them, always looking for the recycling and reuse of old things. All the decorative elements, I prefer thevintage scales, of aquamarine, which I think is a real beauty, and you what you stay?