Vintage and Nordic-Inspired Interior

They decorative styles are not pure and inconsistent with each other. Most of time, as much as a House is decorated according to the typical decoration vintage features, it is possible that at the same time it will inspire in another type of decorative style.

Vintage and Nordic-Inspired Interior

Nordic style, the style Shabby Chic or rustic decor, are styles of decoration with some distinct characteristics but that resemble each other. This is the case of the interior that we present today. Despite being a vintage interior, we can see the Nordic inspiration.

Nordic Style, Practicality And Importance Of Light

In the Scandinavian countries, the use of spaces is intended to vipreserve as long as possible the light. This is due mostly to the winter periods, where daylight hours are very few. That has made that are of great importance to the huge windows and white and neutral color on the walls, which favors to talk this luminosity.

For Nordic decoration, pragmatism and functionality is also very common. Beyond aesthetics, think furniture with minimalism and simplicity, something that many times we can see in some of the TOP Nordic store designs and Danish (see Ikea, for example), where the disneos that are most successful are those that comply with its function and that are simple and inexpensive.

Vintage And Nordic, A House Full Of Personality

Inside we are presenting today is an interior where the features vintage and the duvet features merge into one.

Flashy in a perfect scenario nuclear white colors, the magic of white decorated with colorful pieces.

The small details help us to get this vintage decoration even more picturesque, offering the needed personality to make it look unique and differentiated apartment.

All rooms of the House are designed to the smallest detail, something that creates continuity and harmony in this vintage interior.

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