The Trends Created By the Princesses: Kelly, Diana and Kate

Disney Princesses made princesses unattainable expectations, waist tiny and perfect hair, in real life there are women in royalty that we can continue their lives and their decisions in fashion, discover a bit more about his style and trends that have created over the years.

The Trends Created By the Princesses Kelly, Diana and Kate

Unforgettable wedding dress was over eight meters of tail and 10 thousand embroidered pearls. Design by David and Elizabeth Emanuel.

Grace Kelly

Originally from Pennsylvania, was model since I was little then became a famous Hollywood actress until she married and obtained the title of royalty.

Grace Kelly was one of the first to use the white stripes with black which is currently one of our basic patterns in our closet.

Lately the skinny pants are not perfect if you not doblas them and convert them into capri, Kelly was a fan of this style.

The turbans and lace dresses also were garments that characterize the style of the Princess of Monaco.

Diana of Wales

Diana of Wales , daughter of Earl Spencer, from his childhood was accustomed to live in royalty but since became Princess, Diana was very popular in the United Kingdom, she was admired and loved by thousands of fans.

One of the trends that Lady Di framework was undoubtedly his cut hair, which became characteristic of the years 1990s and many women brought it like her.

Your favorite stamping were moles, and wise to wear them with sophistication and glamour.

He loved the tailored suits and knew how to look chic and spectacular in all of his appearances.

It will be always remembered for his style and his charitable soul.

Kate Middelton

Prince William met Kate at the University, a young millionaire with elegant style and taste for fashion.

Kate is known for search items in mercaditos vintage clothing like Zara or Asos low cost.

The style of Kate protruding above all in its stages of motherhood, where has become a favorite in the United Kingdom by always look chic.


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