My Vintage Style Living Room

My Vintage Style Living Room

I don’t show too much of my house on the blog. Not byr protects our intimacy, lol… c REO that rather by shyness. Some corner, a brushstroke to the PICografiar , works but this time deserves it… them as merecen. It is the less than phates hascer.

My Vintage Style Living Room
I tell you: at end of last year, I had the immense good fortune that my living room outside the room chosen for redecorating, in a joint initiative between Rachel, Kelegoing to do, and Cristina, of Cristina López Aparicio.

I wanted to lighten the atmospherea lot, and in fact, I removed many, many things after the pictures you are going to see. In addition, for some time I had in mind to paint the table and chairs in the dining room, and also some of the furniture, but there is enough time to undertake something like this.

Time is what most lack, and also had the added difficulty that the table and chairs we use them daily. Dispense with other furniture while painted them, it would have been perfectly possible, but at home we make life in the living room, we don’t have any room, or for television or anything. Even where we eat and dine, because there is no space in the kitchen or for a table large enough for four.

Can you imagine? Paint the table and chairs that are used on a daily basis, and sometimes lost (an hour from here, ten minutes there… because it is like I do all my work) so that you don’t need to tell you how I felt when, thanks to these two charms, I could finally realize something that was willing to carry out.

His proposal was to redecorate a House stay, using the same elements that already existed in it. To do this, you had to send photographs of it and explain what you want to achieve with the change. I was aware that, in terms of distribution, little or nothing could be done, because the work in a wall cabinet determines everything else. It is not plasterboard though it, they are United and painted wood blocks that Yes can be removed, but the mess is considerable. Certainly the issue was not done in any kind of work.

Sofas were also a factor, because they are of considerable dimensions… my upholsterer particular (my father, as I have already mentioned once) believes that sofas have to be comfortable and spacious sleeping jjajaja to taste them). Precisely because of those days, I was about to change all the upholstery for the living room (sofas, chairs, curtains, etc.). In fact, before contactar with Raquel and Cristina, he had chosen and commissioned fabrics. I think that after 17 years, now they deserved one renewal, no?

In terms of the objectives of the change, I explained to them that I wanted to buy lighting. Actually the living room not seen as dark as it has come out in the photos. The reason is that they are made at night, but has a very large window and light we cannot just complain. The question was in both upholstery and furniture, reduced light feeling.

El fabrics change was going to contribute much, but sure that you could do something more… I was about to not send the request, and finally sent it the last day and late night… by hairs, will, and without any fe… The day I received your e-mail I thought: “now… thank you very much for participating etc. etc.” … when I read it, I was in shock! Either that or I answered them until the next day lol.

They came home one afternoon. Evening entertaining, by the way, in which not only discussed the room lol. We connect wonderfully well the first, which is not nothing complicated with Raquel and Cristina. I have no words enough for my two girls: professionals, enthusiasts, in love of their work, responsible, complying with deadlines and timetables can only say that it was a real pleasure for us to keep at home. We are of course maintaining contact, will continue, and they will have a career full of successes, I am convinced to 100 percent, because they fight for their dream and love what they do, so it can not be otherwise.

Started the project, con ideas well clear between the three in terms of furniture that were going to paint and which would stay with its original appearance: Center table/bunker and the Bureau. We discussed something on the wall, but not specify color. At first they told me that along with the color of the library, was going to be a surprise. I thought was super because he was fully confident in them, but at the last minute gave them “little thing” that I was not like and they pawned in tell me hahaha, what rich.

The distribution, it was as it was because after considering any other options, we saw that it was really the most suitable for the available space. That Yes, I told them I was going to do without the bottle, which was simply decorative and not at all necessary, because coffee table already fulfills this function.

TV furniture, the bookcase doors and chairs were his workshop. The Board weighed a lot and was difficult to dismantle, so they decided to paint it at home. Black furniture never liked me, but my parents these chairs got me when I bought the House. The truth is that they are beautiful and you havemuchpotential isimoian. By that time had so many colorful options as there are now, so I bought also black table. Cris and Raquel nor she did convince them nothing, and told me: “but is that this table you really like?” Hahahaha… I said les: “no, but what I have, what are we going to do, when you can change it…”

However, as they are two persevering girls, they went to take a look at a second hand furniture store. When they sent me the photo of this table I had the same crush on them, and when they told me the price fell in love even more. I was afraid that it would be too large, but already you can see that visually, it was much lighter than the previous.

And now yes, I show the change. The photos have given me themselves.

The change is wonderful, don’t you think? Obviously, for a photo shoot like this, are deleted and added elements, decorative touches … The pictures you see, for example, we borrowed from the hallway because it was still not clear if he was going to leave the one in that place, and the Bureau was abolished, which is now placed in the corner, but basically this is the image of my salon today.

I don’t want to finish without again thank Rachel and Cristina and congratulate them for their impeccable work. To see this and his other projects, you can click here and here.