My View to the Showroom of Jessica Butrich’s Butrich: Sweet Vintage

My View to the Showroom of Jessica Butrich's Butrich Sweet Vintage

Since I met the creative universe of designer Jessica Butrich and its brand Butrich could not more than obsess me with your shoes. This mix between sweet and sensual, vintage air, caught me. During my tenure in Lima I had the possibility to know and understand that your proposal, such as I commented at the time, is the reflection of herself. In fact, there is no better Ambassador of her work that she. This statement confirmed to visit their showroom in San Isidro (Miguel Dasso 126-212, almost reaching Yerovi).
My View to the Showroom of Jessica Butrich's Butrich Sweet Vintage

The magic of Butrich 360

Arrived – with Ale – past 11.30 to the showroom of Jessica motivated for the invitation that I had made on Thursday in the LIFWeek: would be the day of release of his collection spring summer 2014 and the opportunity to look at and touch their products.

My first reaction upon entering their space was smiling, because your brand conveys a positive energy and optimism with aires children’s contagious. The use of color and textures work made his proposal a fetish that is impossible to ignore. For me, your product are the shoes, in fact it was my goal to purchase from Chile. I would not go without one of them.

The showroom is divided in two. Upon entering, it was possible to review what’s new – clothing, shoes, handbags and accessories – and in the interior sector type ‘wine cellar’, but with a large mirror, one could see the balances of winter. Enter there was like putting in “chocolate factory” but instead of Charly, I found myself surrounded by the greatest female Fetish: shoes. Looking could not resist a Taco with a rabbit of pink (not had my size in black), which in the end Ale gave me.

Then I bought a pair of sandals low -Jesssica told me that it was first time that a low model for summer – which in addition to beautiful were very comfortable and seemed perfect for my next business trip. I closed the shopping with a fun cherry necklace and the joy of buying products with vocation herdable and lot identity.

Do you think of the world Butrich?