Keys for the Choice of Your Vintage Rattan Furniture

Keys for the Choice of Your Vintage Rattan Furniture

When the rains of spring begin to give Truce to good weather, come on sunny weekends and our need to disconnect starts to ask out a nice corner in which to relax. In those moments, there’s nothing better than a garden in which reconnect with nature or a terrace where you share an afternoon with friends.

Keys for the Choice of Your Vintage Rattan Furniture

It is important to take care of every detail of these spaces, where Besides enjoying a nice atmosphere as that characterized the spring, the right choice of home accessories will help us to the delight of the senses. Thus, acquire elements of furniture comfortable and adequate for this time is one of the key aspects to make our favorite corners of the best stops in front of the blue sky.

Rattan Furniture: Allies Of This Season

In exterior decoration have been many materials which have lived its climax: from traditional metals such as iron to recent wood, passing through extended fibers like wicker and not to forget the furor which accounted for plastics in its day.

Now returns a classic who, although it has been a little forgotten in recent years, returns to be the star of the decoration of this season: the rattan… but where it comes from?, this is a climbing plant typical of areas of Southeast Asia that grows in rainforest environments. The appearance of its stems is similar to the bamboo, but unlike these, the rattan are solid and susceptible of knit or weave, so these techniques are used for the manufacture of furniture.

The properties of this material offer multiple facilities to produce any decoration piece, either a table, a lamp or a Chair.

However, as in so many cases, there are many brands that opt for synthetic fiber production. The truth is that both this as the natural are visually similar and they can work using traditional methods, but at the time of the election for what should opt?

Natural Rattan Or Synthetic Rattan Furniture?

Advantages And Properties Of The Natural Rattan

The natural rattan stands out for being hard, durable, versatile, and elastic at the same time. Its appearance gives a cozy atmosphere to all stays and excels thanks to the veins of natural materials, which finally is a praise to the traditional decoration. In addition, its brown color adds extra warmth to all spaces and like wood, has the advantage of being able be dyed easily to easily absorb the new stain or varnish, which results directly in the originality of furniture like the ChairMartinique

Natural rattan furniture are usually only produced with this material. Doing so is simple given that their Properties allow you to have stems thick and solid that constitute the basic structures of the piece, as well as resistant and flexible strips separated from those same stems that weaving or braiding the final external part of the furniture.

These are usually used in interior decoration because despite multiple properties that make them resistant, the rattan is still an element of moderately susceptible to the weather. However, in his favor should sign up braided structures to favor maintenance in rainy environments because it avoids collecting the water in them.

For correct maintenance it is advisable to protect it from constant exposure to the weather as the Sun or the rain so not fading your color. Even so, always remember that it is possible to varnishing or paint each season to renew its appearance, for what is always best please sprays or guns which disperse the products to paint since its braided structure will be a problem for the brushes.

Synthetic Rattan, The Perfect Substitute

If your bets on natural went wrong in some cases and you trust more in other types of products, rattan has its own synthetic and in many cases furniture manufactured with it are usually done in two versions of the material.

The synthetic rattan is manufactured with aluminum wires covered by petroleum to which are usually you add protective components of the Sun’s rays, forming edges that mimic the stems of the natural rattan for furniture manufacturing. Therefore, this material is almost as flexible, less vulnerable to the effects of climate and aesthetically similar to your model. However, the versatility of the synthetic rattan is much lower since its colors are limited to those acquired in its production process since it cannot absorb new stain or varnish. That Yes, if you choose from the outset a Chair as a Chair Africa will not want to rid you of it ever.

Synthetic rattan furniture tends to be used for outdoor environments, especially for terraces or premises of hospitality, for their durability and protection against climatic factors. Also note that their structures are reinforced because its low stiffness which is fabriquen weaving edges on bases produced in other materials, usually aluminum or iron to make similarly resist the climatic conditions.

A point in favor of this kind of furniture is the low maintenance required since this material makes it resistant to water (fresh or salt) and exposure to the Sun, something that also affects have a shelf life longer than that of the natural rattan.

Furniture Of Rattan, The Perfect Solution For This Season

They are manufactured with materials of natural or industrial, the truth is that rattan furniture come stomping into the world of decor this spring-summer season. So if you are still thinking of how to equip your gardens or terraces to face the Sun, don’t know all the possibilities offered by the rattan.