Key to Get the Industrial Style That You Are Looking For

Key to Get the Industrial Style That You Are Looking For

If we talk about style industrial the first thing that comes to mind are the large lofts of open spaces with plants to sight, brick walls and iron beams.

Key to Get the Industrial Style That You Are Looking For

And this are the hallmarks of a decorative style which was born in the Decade of the 50s, when the serious economic crisis and the planning of large cities forced to close many factories, leaving large empty spaces within the urban nuclei, which later were converted warehouses, studios and homes.

New York artists were the first that were attracted by these spaces, in which very little money a year could combine their work with their residence and soon began to settle in old factories of districts, now so emblematic as the Soho or the West Side. Later this current moved to London and from there to other European cities, becoming a very popular trend in the Decade of the 60s and 70s.

But it is not necessary that you move to an old abandoned factory to be able to decorate your House in the industrial-style. We give you the keys to transfer the essence of this decorative style to your home.


Walls naturally, of brick, cement or concrete are an industrial-style icon.

Although this absence of coating can be printed character and personality to a room, a bar or a restaurant, perhaps a bet risky for a particular House.

To achieve this effect in your home you can use Paint to create walls, worn by the time mixing different colors or use wallpaper or vinyl that mimic the old walls of factories or warehouses.

If you don’t want to go so far simply painting some walls of gray you will get the perfect framework for industrial -style.


The space is a special player in the industrial-styledecoration. It’s creating environments with open spaces, where the natural light penetrates in all rooms without obstacles.

It dispenses with unnecessary partitions and unifies spaces through the light and decoration to try to create a unique atmosphere.

Like space, the structure of the building is more present than ever. It’s time to show off your House beams, whether wooden or iron and let pipes and tubes at the sight.


Industrial-style lighting is essential to the atmosphere you are looking for.

As for natural light, go always for big iron windows that allow natural light without curtains and accessories.

For interior lighting you choose metal lamps, bulbs without screen hang directly on the ceiling, foci of film, flexible metal hoses and industrial fixtures for walls.

Metal and wood

The metal is essential within the industrial style. Iron, steel, copper or bronze can not miss in your decoration.

Not only in small objects, but also in furniture such as cabinets, shelves, chairs, tables or stools.

The wood is the perfect counterpoint between grayscale and metals and will be in charge of giving some warmth to your decorative set.

Select Woods noble, robust and even crude, both for decorative accessories and some furniture, provided that they are of functional lines.


To complement your décor, you will have to dust off the trunk of memories and retrieve objects as disparate as old fans of metal blades, telephones, radios, pulleys, ropes, tool boxes… Anything with industrial air may be worth you to create a charming corner in your home.

But be careful not to overburden the decoration since the industrial is a simple and functional style.

These are the fundamental keys to decorate your House under the industrial style, but don’t forget to always bring your personal touch to form a unique eclectic set.

Is your decor industrial-style? Teach us!