Chair Tolix: History of a Classic of Industrial Design

Chair Tolix History of a Classic of Industrial Design

We do not stop seeing her everywhere: restaurants, cafes, shops, offices… And it is that the Chair Tolix has become one of the icons of industrial design and retro boom is one of the most requested models ofvintage chairs . But it was not always thus, know its history.

Chair Tolix History of a Classic of Industrial Design

History Of The Chair Tolix

The Chair Tolix was designed in France more than 80 years ago by Xavier Pauchard, a young man born inLe Morvan, curiously a region known for its timber production and whose family was dedicated to the treatment of zinc.

At age 27, after years of experimentation, Xavier Pauchard got protect metals from corrosion thanks to zinc coating, which went out to the manufacture of metal furniture outdoor, founding his own company: Tolix.

The furniture manufactured by Xavier Pauchard had a great success, especially among the restaurants and cafes of Paris, who appreciated the lightness, resistance and functionality of this type of furniture for hospitality industry.

It was in 1934 when the Chair Tolix, also known as Chairwas designed for the first time. It was designed expressly for use outdoors, so it had 3 holes in the seat, to be able to drain the water so.

The Chair underwent several modifications since the Parisian restaurateurs complained that the design not allowed to stack them properly. Pauchard had to redesign the product, making its finer structure that could be stacked up to 25 chairs.

The success of the new design has gone through the Parisian cafés, arriving at offices, factories and hospitals around the world, today is one of the best selling Chair models.

Tolix factory remained in Pauchard family until 2004, which was acquired by Chantal Android, which counted with the help of the creative Jean-François Dingjian and Eloi Chafaï of Normal Studio to revitalize the company designs, giving rise to a new line of products Tolix which includes tables, benches, stools, high and low.

Tolix Steel Design remains today one of the leading factories of furniture design with more than 8 million euros of annual turnover.

The Chair Tolix, as we have seen, is a chair with character and history that has become a basic in decoration that is even present in museums such as the MOMA and the Pompidou in Paris.

The Chair Tolix is very versatile and adapts to any space and decorative style. Dress if single any room and rustic, hydraulic soil or wood is phenomenal.

You can get it in different finishes and colors, with armrests or without them, with smooth or perforated backrest.

Models Chair Tolix

How could it be otherwise, in Internetages we have a large assortment of Tolix chairs.

Chair Tolix Favorit

Inspired by the Chair Tolix our Favorit model it is made of iron and is available in more than 10 colors and different finishes, at a very affordable price.

Chair Robin

Robin Chair has armrests, is fully stackable and you can personalize it with the color that you like.

Chair Lumber

This model of Chair Tolix, Lumber is made of natural steel without trying and you can choose the color that you want.

Boston Chair

Boston Chair is a Chair of industrial-style armchair iron. It is available in different colors and finishes.

Stool Karma

Inspired by the stool Tolix, model Karma features armrest and you can customize it with the color that you like.

Stool Indiana

Indiana stool is made of metal and powder-coatedpaint finish. This type of paint powder adheres to metal electrostatic way for extra durability and uniformity.

Woobee stool

This low stool of industrial-style features with metal frame and wooden seat. Woobee available unpainted, green water and black

Stool Bee

The Bee is one of our top selling stools vintage , its price and its versatility. You are available in iron natural varnished, black white or worn worn.

Bank Park

Industrial-style manufactured in metal and wood Bank. The Park bench is available in matte black and painted iron.

And you do with Chair Tolix model you go for?