A Vintage-Industrial Office, the Trend Star of the Moment

Do you’re self-employed or entrepreneur and are about to go out of House (or the coworking) to embark on the adventure of renting your first workspace?

A Vintage-Industrial Office, the Trend Star of the Moment

do you are tired of the excess of designer furniture and want to convert your local a place where you feel at home? If you answered Yes to both questions this article is-without a doubt-for you, so take this as a starting point: what is turn your office into a temple vintage-industrial.

While the decoration pop still in the top 3 of the interior design, its excess of color or its many laminated elements (those that give the appearance of the pop vinyl) can be made to that we end by tired of our own office. The “less is more” which reigns in the manual of decoration vintage has come to stay, well, no more.

The first tip that we share with you from Decoration Vintage is that you studying in depth the place that you have chosen. The reason? That explode to maximize the natural advantages that the owner or previous tenant you have left “souvenir”. Benefits type: brick walls, pipes which are, view bigas or anything that can give your office an industrial air but with vintage touches.

With spaces to not play well identified and with your decorative mental sketch already defined comes the tricky part: toca choose furniture. The key to be faithful to that decoration industrial vintage we are looking for?

Not fall into excesses.

Bet on those furniture that you need or to help you to create different spaces.

Strategically combine elements of wood, glass and iron.

The taste for the details

Few things both personalize a space as do those small details that both say of us, our tastes and even our hobbies. In this small decorative fad has accommodated everything and more: from placing two or three Persian carpets in areas free of furniture to decorate the wall with artistic wallpaper or older phones, through color retro air somewhere in wooden boxes.