5 Keys to Decorating With Nordic-Style Furnishings

5 Keys to Decorating With Nordic-Style Furnishings

Nordic style has become a regular of the magazines of decoration and is one of the trends more consistent in the decoration of interiors of the last 20 years

.5 Keys to Decorating With Nordic-Style Furnishings

Nordic style is warm, cozy, white with lots of light. We give you the 5 key ways that Nordic style that you like so much you get in your House.

1 light

The Nordic style, attributed mainly to the Swedish Designer Carl Larsson, born to principles of the XX century in Scandinavia.

In this area of Northern European winters are long and hard, and natural light is very low so it’s counteracting this lack of light by decorating.

Therefore proposed continuous spaces in which predominates the white and neutral tones.

To achieve this effect try to always favor the entry of natural light. It flees thick curtain of dark colors and lets the Sun’s rays to penetrate in all rooms of your House.

Artificial light is also key when it comes to decorating within the Scandinavian style, where the lamps, whether ceiling, low or standing become real decorative objects.

2 white

White reflects light and luminosity and spaciousness gives any room, why is the predominant color in the Nordic style.

White is both found in walls, floors and Nordic style furniture .

That does not mean that we have to give up the color, in fact, the trend this year in the Nordic style is the incorporate certain colors such as black, grey or metallic colors like copper, silver or gold and also, though to a lesser extent, colors more traditional green or pink, you begin to see not only in Accessories but also in large parts as in Nordic style furniture.

Even so, we can always give some hints of color via decorative elements and above all textiles.

3 Nordic-style furnishings.

If you think of Nordic or Scandinavian style the first thing that comes to mind is the wood.

Woods of natural colors as the Hague, paulownia or birch are the most widely used both for the Nordic style furniture such as decorative accessories.

The Nordic style furniture is characterised by its straight lines with some smooth curves and above all for its simplicity and functionality.

The wood of the Nordic style furniture is combined with other materials such as metal or the natural like cotton or linen fabric.

Modular furniture are very characteristic within this style because, in addition to light and practical, they are very versatile and provide you with the possibility of renewing any room easily.

4 textiles

Textiles are the ones to give warmth, color and personality to the Nordic decor and enable you to provide a striking note of color that stands out from the rest in neutral colours.

The most commonly used fabrics are natives such as wool, linen or cotton that can be used for carpets, cushions or curtains.

The geometric patterns are also very present in cushions and carpets, textiles without forgetting of course the motives, such as leaves or flowers also used.

5 simplicity.

Simplicity and functionality are the bases of Scandinavian style and a reflection of the personality of its people.

Straight and clean lines, light furniture and neutral colours make this decorative trend is situated very close to minimalism, not a cold minimalism, but of a very cosy minimalism.

Natural light and breadth they transmit a sensation of space and order, so it is ideal to decorate spaces not only large but also small flats.

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